Lewis     A mix specifically traced and dedicated to 20 year old Lewis Hockliffe, son of my friends Dawn and John, and Lloyd. Lewis was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma towards the end of last year and is just starting his third round of chemotherapy. This simple and positive mix seeks to draw upon the joy and wonder of pure house music allied with a primeval desire to explore, to seek what’s around the corner, to push on with a fundamental force perhaps unique to humans. The mix reaches a confident and searing climax and resolves to elicit a gentle smile (of vanquish) to soothe at the end. To Lewis, you’re a Champion who is facing a journey none of us wished for you to undertake. Though we are unable to take the same journey, we are, however, awkwardly treading your footsteps in support. All the best fella. Our Loving Arms Surround You.